Have you ever tried the best positions from Kamasutra? You’re doing a huge mistake!

We definitely don’t have to introduce you to Kamasutra. Even though you may have never held it in your hands and maybe all the positions are strange to you, you know what you can find in it. If you belong to those who don’t use it in their love life, you do a huge mistake.

Kamasutra a great help not only in partner relationships but also in the relationship to oneself. And since we care about you feeling really well, we chose three positions from Kamasutra, which you should definitely try out.


Is it romantic what you expect from sex? In this case, this position it the right one for you. How to do it? Knee on the floor and look into the other’s eyes. The man puts his knee between the thighs of the woman or you can tease each other with fingers. When you have enough of foreplay already, it’s time to go ahead. The woman bends her back and stands a bit wider to let the man have enough space to come into her. And the nightlife may begin!

Opposite each other

If you desire something else but still exciting, you can count on this position. Sit with your partner opposite each other so that you connect with your sexual organs. Bend your legs in your knees. In this position, the man puts his legs through the arms of the partner and vice versa. When you are in the starting position, just move back and forward in the same frequency to ensure harmony. This erotic game will be fun for sure.

Doggy style a bit different

Or have you decide to try this erotic position tonight? It’s clear to us that this position from behind is beloved mainly among men. It gets boring too and that’s why there is its variation in Kamasutra. How to do it? The partner sits down on the bed and leans against his hand. Woman sits down on him face to face or from behind. With this position, you can await wonderful times and also easy stimulate the g spot. The woman becomes a true professional thanks to this position.

You don’t have anyone at this moment who you can try these position with? Don’t worry and look forward to meet our amazing Linda Escort ladies,who will make you the luckiest man alive tonight.